Hi! I’m Vanessa…although some call me V. I’m a wannabe hippie and aspiring mental wellness guru with a passion for plants and all things essential oils. I created Mindfully V as an online space to inspire mental wellness and personal growth through self-care, self-discovery, and natural healing. Here I share my everyday experiences with managing mental

health, some of my go-to natural healing remedies, essential oil tips and tricks, and some of the life lessons I’ve learned through my own never-ending journey towards wellness. I strongly believe that embracing your full range of emotions and channeling the Earth’s natural energy is essential to well-being and will ultimately bring you closer to embodying mental wellness… continue reading ↠

How to Be a Free Spirit Even Though You Had a Panic Attack 3 Minutes Ago

I think anyone who experiences chronic anxiety can relate to the feeling of wanting to be a carefree soul drifting through life without a worry in the world. Maybe even to the point where you’re having panic attacks about your inability to be free and your relentless sense of worry. I know I do.… continue reading 

Confessions of a 20 Something: On Depression, Anxiety, and How I Learned to Be Okay With Not Being Okay

When I was thinking about writing this blog, I kept asking myself when did this all start? When did I become this person so riddled with depression and anxiety? Did it have something to do with my biological father leaving at a young age? Did it have to do with finding out that my favorite person in the world valued my safety… continue reading 

My Biggest Take Away From Earning a Psychology Degree

I’ve always been fascinated by the mind. From growing up watching Criminal Minds and wanting to be in the BAU to endless true crime documentaries, I was constantly trying to understand the inner workings of the most twisted minds. Why? For the longest time, I didn’t know, but a book I read recently put it all into perspective (TY Book of the Month). I’ve spent my life obsessed with… continue reading